A Guide To Find The Most Flattering Neckline For Your Body

Choosing the right neckline can take your outfit to the next level babe! It sets you up to load up on the accessories and even what hairstyle and makeup to do.Select a style that works best for your body type.
Crew Neck
This classic will accentuate your face and shoulders.Ideal for: Small to medium busts, a long neck and slim shouldersHelps to: widen shoulders and shorten the neck.Best for oval, round or rectangular face shapesStyle with: small earrings and big curls to amp up this simple style.
Boat Neck
This wider neckline balances the midsectionIdeal for: Small to medium busts, pear-shaped women, slender shoulders, square jaw or chin,Helps to: balance a fuller midsection by taking the eyes to your shouldersBest for pear and hourglass body shapes. Avoid if you have a V body shape or broad shoulders.Style with: layered necklaces or an oversized pendant to add some sass.
Cowl Neck 
This glamorous neckline is an excellent choice for everybodyIdeal for: Small to Large busts, oval, round, oblong faces and strong jawsHelps to: soften jawsStyle with: oversized hoops or a long pendant necklace with a top knot or short hair for the perfect combo!Side note: thicker fabric is best for small busts and thinner material for larger busts. 
Scoop Neck
This broad neckline sends the eyes down!Ideal for: Small to large busts, athletic, pear and petite body typesHelps to: bring attention to your chest and accentuate the collar boneStyle with: drop earrings and hair down for the ultimate feminine look.
Button Up
This all-time classic can suit everyone!Ideal for: Small to medium busts, little to broad shoulders, athletic, pear or curvy shapes,Style with: chunky statement jewellery to balance the masculine look.Side note: If you're on the busty side, choose a looser-fitting top (or size up) to avoid gaping across the chest.

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